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Albufeira - Sao Rafael

Welcome to Algarve Portugal!

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SÃO RAFAEL (Albufeira)

This is a large sandy beach set amidst warm-coloured limestone cliffs, full of furrows and crevices. On this beach, there is a wide diversity of very curiously shaped rocks, for example the Ponte Pequena (small bridge) and Ninho das Andorinhas (swallows’ nest): arches, undercutting at the base of the cliffs, potholes and isolated groups of rocks, shapes and forms resulting from the combined action of the mechanical force of the waves on the cliffs and of the rainwater which dissolves the limestone. In the area around the beach are green patches of pinewoods and enormous mastic trees, hanging over the deeply furrowed and fissured cliff tops. On the sand and exposed to the marine environment is an abundance of sea orachs, a plant that, so to speak, transpires salt, it being possible in the morning or early evening to see salt crystals glittering on its leaves. When the water is sufficiently clear, you can see the mysterious outlines of the submerged rocks, so that a little snorkelling is recommended to discover the abundant marine life in this section of the coast.


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Lesley Mcguigan


Transfer from Hilton Vilamoura Portugal, to Faro Airport. Brill service



Our transfer worked out perfectly. They kept the time scedule and the driver was very nice!

Patrick McIlroy


We recently used BigEye Tours over Easter 2015 and found them to be reliable and punctual. Our transfer was from Faro Airport to Vilamoura. I would recommend them and would use