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Albufeira - Galé

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GALÉ (Albufeira)

Praia da Galé lies at the eastern end of the wide sandy bay of Armação de Pêra. On this beach, the characteristic rock formations of the Algarve’s Barlavento or western region emerge once again from the sand, providing small coves, nooks and crannies, and above all shelter for bathers, especially at the eastern end, with the western end being more exposed. These warm-coloured carbonate rocks are very rich in marine fossils, known as concheiros, testifying to a distant past when the sea reached further inland, submerging the present-day coastline. Nowadays, these rocks have been heavily sculpted by rainwater and polished by the sea, and are covered with plants that have adapted to the salt spray from the sea, such as wormleaf saltwort, known for its high content of sodium carbonate (since it extracts sodium from saline terrain), and are therefore used in the manufacture of soap. In the areas where the sand has accumulated more heavily, mainly at the western end of the beach, the typical vegetation of sand dunes can be seen, such as European beachgrass, prickly thrift and the aromatic helichrysum, providing a continuation of the sand-dune system of Praia dos Salgados and Praia Grande. To the east, the dominant feature is the rock formations, and there is an area of stone pines on the top of the orange-coloured cliff.



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Efficient and reliable service. The driver was here to welcome us at the airport and also on Time early in the morning (5.40 am) for the return trip to the airport.

George Brown


All good. The drivers were right on time, courteous and had us to our destination and back to the airport with out any issues.

Hannah Sanders


So pleased with the service that we received. Both transfers (inbound and outbound) were on time, and it was quick and easy. We also really liked our drivers - both lovely people.